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June 2013 — last update November 2013

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DoudouLinux is an initiative from a community of parents to help children around the world achieve self-fulfillment, using the best information technology —far from the influence of large companies. In a world that is about to be entirely under the control of information technology, we want our children to perfectly understand, master these tools, and learn to use them advisedly. Read our manifesto to learn more about our motivations.

The Association DoudouLinux

The project DoudouLinux is supported by a non-profit organization named “Association DoudouLinux”, a French association “loi 1901” [1], whose goals are the following:

  • help the project become well-known around the world
  • develop non-alienating information technology for children
  • ensure long life for the project
  • provide a legal structure to federate organizations willing to support the project

The association currently relies mostly on donations and sponsoring for its funding, while the project itself mostly relies on the free time of contributors to move forward. A way to help the project if you cannot offer it free time and if you cannot make your own organization get involved either, consists in funding the association. You could buy DoudouLinux products or just make a donation to our association. The money or equipment will be used to:

  • setup and maintain our Internet infrastructure (web servers)
  • organize our participation through travel & lodging to related events
  • provide equipment (for events, for developers, testers, visual artists, etc.)
  • create goodies like DoudouLinux USB keys, cups, caps, shirts, etc.

We may also, later, decide to fund the work of some of the most active project contributors if we get enough funding. This way we would be able to go further and faster, to provide children with more and better tools, to finally better compete with TV, Internet, gaming consoles and children’s tablets –-a huge program! Read our page Where goes DoudouLinux? to discover a non-exhaustive list of ideas we would like to develop.

Donate by international bank transfer

Our bank can accept any bank transfer coming from any country. Although any currency is accepted, it is recommended to use Euro as a currency to lower exchange fees. If you need an official receipt, please send us afterwards precise information about you and your transfer by email at You can also just send us a kind message to tell that you decided to support our project :).

  • Account name: Association DoudouLinux
  • IBAN: FR76 1027 80500 5000 2039 5901 62
  • Reference: Donation

Donate by credit/debit card or Paypal

As of this writing, card payments are achieved by Paypal. You do not need to create a Paypal account to perform a single credit/debit card payment. Paypal transfer fees are somewhat equivalent to bank exchange fees [2]. You may prefer to make a bank transfer instead, unless you really want to pay by credit or debit card, or if you already have a Paypal account.

Recurring donation, every month

Single donation

Donate by BitCoin

Our bitcoin address is: 14DYwwkZNYiRHUWC116zy5G6w3TaeeSZEW

Here is its QR code:

DoudouLinux bitcoin address for donations

Donate by check

You can send us a check payable to Association DoudouLinux, since our banker has told us he can accept any currency. The postal address is the following:

Association DoudouLinux
3 rue des frères Monard
57050 Metz

Becoming an association member

You can become a member of the Association DoudouLinux. Being a member, you will be able to benefit from the association support for project contributors (yes you first need to be a contributor!), to participate into votes for the board members election, and to apply to become yourself a board member. The association subscription costs €10 yearly. Contact us at if you are interested in becoming a member, individuals can apply as well as organizations (as legal entities).


[1] “Association law 1901” is an association that is conforming to the French law of July the 1st 1901 designed to facilitate the creation of an association.

[2] Except that bank fees are charged to the emitter in addition to the amount transfered while Paypal fees are deducted from the amount we receive.

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